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If you would like to be a guest blogger, send your adoption memoir for review or want to contact me for purposes of speaking or writing, you can email me at:

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  1. I need to contact Lynn Grubb just wondering if this is the right space to write what I need to contact her for.Thank you Arline Hunter

  2. Hi Lynn, I just love your adoption site, which I just found today. I'd love to have you as a guest on my blog, to share about whatever issues you like on adoption. As a reunited birth-mom, I suffered the emotional pain that came with the babyscoop era. I am waiting for my next paycheck to arrive so I can purchase for review some of the excellent books listed on your side bar. And I would also love to have you read for review my memoir Finding Sarah Finding Me which is a look at adoption from various points of view, but also from a Christian perspective. I'm not in the pro-adoptive camp or the anti-adoptive camp. I'm simply a person who has lived through that long painful journey, and come out the other side after a lot of healing from the Lord. Would love to chat more.