What is #flipthescript?

Some of the adoptee authors for the book project, Dear Wonderful You, edited by Diane Christian and Mei-Mei Ellerman, Ph.D were doing a Google Chat for a  video documentary to promote the book. When Amanda Woolston of The Declassified Adoptee spoke, she mentioned that we need to "flip the script".

Rosita Gonzalez took the idea from there and ran with it.  Traditionally, adoptees feel bombarded during November for National Adoption Month by all the professionals and adoptive parents who have a place in the media to speak only of their view of adoption.  We are many times referred to as "adopted children" and talked about instead of being talked with.

For National Adoption Month, 2014, Rosita suggested to the other Lost Daughter authors that we create a #flipthescript campaign.  And so began the Twitter storm that is called #flipthescript.

Within just a couple weeks of posting the collaborative video created by Bryan Tucker (who also created the documentary for Dear Wonderful You), there were adoptee voices being lifted up in several major cities on Fox Local News (Philadelphia, Chicago and New York and others)  Go here to view the news clips.

And as if it couldn't get any better, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption supported the #flipthescript campaign and promoted it on the front of their website, where it still resides.


This campaign has supported other adoptees who may have felt marginalized or "in the closet" to feel more confident in speaking out.   I am so pleased that finally the media is listening and learning from adopted adults. It's a start.

We are no longer children and we can speak for ourselves.


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