Why I am testing my DNA

Many years ago, I researched getting a DNA test to obtain information about my ethnic background and missing paternal line. As most of you know who read this blog, I was adopted through closed adoption and had no information about my biological family for 40 years. At the time I was researching, the only two DNA tests offered were:

1.       The Mitrochondrial DNA that goes from mother to daughter and

2.       The Y-DNA that goes from father to son

There was no DNA test at that time that would tell a female anything about her paternal line.

Recently, I was asked by Lost Daughters (www.thelostdaughters.com) to review Richard Hill’s new book:  Finding Family:  My Search for Roots and the Secrets in my DNA.  I was thrilled because I had already been researching the book on my own and was preparing to order it.  Apparently, the universe was one step ahead of me.

I read the book over the Christmas Holiday (see review ).  I was so impressed not only with how well the book was written, but I had hope for the first time in years that I may find my missing paternal line.

So Hope has been reborn!  Reading over Richard Hill’s DNA Testing Advisor (here) helped me to select the correct DNA test for me (Family Finder).

My lack of knowledge about my ethnicity has been a huge thorn in my side my whole life.  I have always wanted to know what my family background was.  Having a Generic Ethnic look doesn’t help because there is never any shortage of opinion of where I come from (I dedicated a whole blog to this issue here). 

I learned in 2006, on my maternal side, there is German and Scottish.   I am really looking forward to having the missing ethnicity on my paternal line.

So today was the Day of Swabbing. (this video was helpful in showing you how to swab properly ).   I swabbed my cheeks before dinner and then again at 10:30 p.m. Tomorrow, I will drop my DNA in the mail to Family Tree DNA and will await the long four to six weeks for an email with results.

I plan to blog in the future about the outcomes I learn of.   I hope you will come along with me on this journey or better yet, embark on one of your own!


  1. Lynn, thank you for the great review of my book. I will be anxiously awaiting your results. You probably know that the ethnicity report you get with Family Finder is called Population Finder. The 23andMe test has recently added a new report called Ancestry Composition that's designed to show a little more detail on European ancestry. You may want to try that too, especially since they are now selling the test below cost at $99.

  2. Thank you, Richard! I will strongly consider that in the future.

  3. This DNA testing is so fascinating! I just ordered a test for my daughter (who was adopted) and hopefully we'll get some of those big questions answered before she's old enough to ask - we too have very little information about her birthfamily... glad there is a way to get some answers.


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