Are you related to somebody famous?

 One adoptee fantasy that I've heard over and over and experienced myself is that we believe (hope) we  are related to a famous person. He or she might be on T.V at this very moment or we have met them without realizing it (it happened to Steve Jobs and his birth father).

As an adoptee with no roots, anybody is fair game to be your birth parent -- especially movie stars, rocks stars and sports figures.

 In my own life, I was hoping it would be a famous singer:  a rock or pop star to be exact.  Music has always been my first love.

Early on in my reunion with my birth mother, my good friend Zack Pasters, started developing my family tree on  I didn't think much about it because I was still trying to recover from actually seeing and knowing my mother, something I dreamed of my whole life.

One particular evening, when Zack was researching in the wee hours of the night, he realized I was related to somebody famous:

Elwyn Brooks White (known as E.B. White).

The author of my favorite Children's book and movie, Charlotte's Web.  He was so excited he felt like he himself (also an adoptee) was discovering this on his own line!

I was so excited when I thought back to all the times I loved watching this movie as a kid. . . .that there was a connection to this movie outside of me just loving it.

E.B. White is related on my Hart line, who were a bunch of artists.  It makes me laugh because I can't even paint a stick man to save my life.  My great, great, great grandfather was William Hart from Paisley, Scotland.  He has famous paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others.

Go here to see the biography of William Hart and his grandson, E.B. White.

So, my adoptee fantasy came true -- just not in the way I had expected.


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