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A Father's Day story about Open Adoption

As an adoptive parent in a "kinship adoption" arrangement as the professionals call it, the words "open adoption" and "closed adoption" weren't thrown around at the time our petition was filed.  Since we knew very well our daughter's original mother, there was not much thought about whether it would be an open adoption.  It was open from the start due to circumstances.

However, as we all all know, "the best laid plans of mice and men" don't always pan out.  Our adoption was no different.  Little did we know, what we believed was the kinship adoption arrangement for our family turned out to be something entirely different. 

Our daughter came straight home to us from the hospital.  We had anticipated the original family member changing her mind and were prepared for that.  There was no foster care and no adoption agency.  There was no involvement of Child Protective Services, other than a one-time home study.  (I remember the home st…