Ohio Adoptee Rights Bill to be announced this week

Thanks to the hard work of Adoption Equity Ohio a bill should be introduced on Tuesday opening original birth certificates of Ohio adopted citizens born between 1964 and 1996.

Now is the time to start contacting your legislature to ask for co-sponsorship and support. It only takes a few minutes to type up a brief letter informing your representative as to how you stand on political issues.  If you want some guidelines, go to Lost Daughters.

I am brand new to this myself as I was recently asked to be part of the legislative committee for the Adoptee Rights Coaltion  and have only one time before written to my representative on an issue that I felt strongly about.

Although writing to your legislature appears intimidating and daunting on the surface, once you get started, you realize it is not that difficult to express your opinions to someone whose job it is to care about citizen concerns.

As an adopted U.S. citizen, this is one of THE biggest issues for my fellow adoptees adopted in the state of Ohio. As you may know, I am an Illinois adoptee who has my own birth certificate.  I have mine . . .and so should every other adoptee in this country.

So please, if you are adopted or you know somebody who is, or if you are just a concerned citizen and believe that each person deserves equal rights, please write to your representative about this issue.

We have a lot of work to do to get other states on board, but we have had recent success in Rhode Island.  Currently, these states have either unrestricted access or mostly unrestricted access to original birth certificates for adoptees:

Alabama, Alaska, Oregon, Kansas, New Hampshire, Maine, Illinois, Rhode Island and Tennessee


Hopefully the momentum will continue and eventually everybody will realize that:

secrets and lies in adoption should not be part of any modern adoption institution

but most importantly that, we all deserve

equal treatment under the law.

Find your Representative here:


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