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My Adopted Self Spinning Out of Control by Emma Macgent

My car spun out of control quickly as metal on metal made a horrible noise.  I was on the Interstate in my small yellow Datsun hatchback. As others in crisis describe, many thoughts went through my mind.  It wasn’t individual thoughts, but a general sense of lack of accomplishment and things yet to do and experience.  
I thought I was going to die that day as I screamed an expletive. (You can imagine what you might scream if you thought this was the last minutes of your life).  I was in my mid-twenties, single, had completed college and had good professional career path. I lived in an apartment, had a roommate and had some family in the area.  
One minute I was at the gas pump, and the next I was on the interstate and the car was spinning out of control. Then I heard a loud metal noise.   I awoke in a hospital bed with the bright lights and people bustling around me.  I felt pain, but I couldn’t put it quite together with what had happened. 
The paramedics stopped by to check on me and t…

I have every right . .. . . .

Dear DEMETER2010:

Thank you for the kind comment at my blog today.  I was looking for some new material to write about and you gladly provided that to me.
"Hey Lynn, 
YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO INSERT YOUR SELF IN ANYONE'S LIFE. She gave you up, and decided to keep you as a secret, get over it. Her children are not YOUR SISTERS OR BROTHERS. Your parents, you know the ones adopted you and worked hard to bring you up and their family is YOUR FAMILY. Jesus, the selfishness of you adoptees is incredible. Just because someone popped you out of their vagina doesn't mean it gives you some god awaful right to become a parasite and suck the happiness out of the woman's life by trying to befriend HER family. This is why mothers need to adopt filths like you."

I'm so glad you brought this to my attention, because I honestly thought I had the right to drop into anyone's life uninvited. . . . oh, wait!  You obviously didn't read the other parts of my blog …