National Adoption Awareness Month

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Advocating for the Restoration of Adoptees' Original Birth Certificates in Indianapolis

I was honored to attend the Legislative Summit in August of 2023 and wrote about it at the  Adoptee Rights Coalition website . 

Adoption and ADHD

Back in 2015, when Lisa Esposito from US News & World Report, contacted me out of the blue for help in writing an article  about adoptees and their lack of medical history, I was excited that somebody in the media world cared about this issue.  However, being fortunate to have good health, I didn’t have any stories to share with her personally. So, I acted as a connector for her in the community. I recalled a few of the stories I had heard from adoptees who had life threatening medical issues and either could have been helped or were helped by speaking with birth family members to get important medical history.  Eight years later, I now have something to share. It is a late Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis. It is common for parents to be diagnosed shortly after one of their kids are diagnosed because ADHD is highly genetic. If a parent did not pass it on, it is very likely that a grandparent did. Our daughter took an on-line self-assessment and kept t

My Adoption, Search and Reunion Story in 40 minutes


Letting Go of False Beliefs

  I was recently chatting with Jennifer Ghosten, podcaster over at Once Upon a Time in Adopteeland and she mentioned something that has been on my mind. It was the topic of healing.    I have always been of the belief that we may never completely heal from complex trauma caused by relinquishment; in fact, the world has yet to recognize that adoptees as a minority group have complex trauma.    However, I am committed to move toward healing by facing my fears, examining my triggers and processing the grief surrounding my adoption.  Once we can uncover who we are genetically, learn and understand many of the missing pieces of our heritage, our work is not complete.   If you consider yourself someone who leans toward a growth mindset, then you may want to attempt to uncover any false beliefs you hold lurking around and cause suffering. We all carry around false beliefs that were taught to us by our families, society, religion and people we have close contact with.    In my own healing jou

Adopted and Pro-Choice: A Reproductive Journey

It was January of 1987 and I had just turned 21.  My long-term relationship was over and I stopped taking the pill.  Not long after, I found myself hanging over the toilet at work throwing up.  A co-worker who heard me helpfully suggested, “You better take a pregnancy test.” My roommate and I watched as the red line of the pregnancy test turned dark. The fear and disapproval of my parents loomed large and thoughts of birth, parenting or adoption not anywhere on my radar. With adrenaline fueled urgency, I called the Woman’s Clinic and scheduled the abortion right away. I was fortunate.   I had a job and a supportive partner.   We could afford to pay for the procedure out of pocket.   I was not forced into an unwanted ultrasound or a time-delay.   Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood and several clinics in my area provided options.  I decided to have the procedure done close to home.  This right protected me so when I was ready to have children later, I was still able to. ( Abortion is safe

NAAP Presentation -- "The Story Behind the Story" - June 3 at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern)

Hey adoption friends! I am giving a Zoom presentation this Friday (June 3) as it relates to my newly released audible memoir, "Hidden Identity."  I will share who/what inspired me to document and share my journey in addition to sharing lots of photos. I will not be telling my actual adoption story ( listen for free to hear that) but will be sharing back stories about the memoir process, interviews, research and share stores/photos about The Cradle Adoption Agency and of course, some tidbits about  my biological father.  After the presentation, I will answer any questions you have.   If you want to listen to the memoir, go to my podcast The Adoption Experience and start with the Introduction.  You can find it at Podbean, Spotify or Apple podcasts. For those wondering, I may eventually publish the full version (the podcast is a condensed version) as an E-book, but for now I am enjoying the spring planting in my yard and visiting with out of town family.  If you are adopted a