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The Hazards of Adoption Reunion

Adoption Reunion is a goal for many adoptees and in conversations with hundreds of other adoptees, I have learned that for many of us, once we make the decision to search, we tend to dive in head first without realizing the pitfalls and hazards of adoption reunion.  Much has been written about the benefits of adoption reunion and in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the pitfalls. However, knowing in advance what the pitfalls can be, is helpful in better preparing you for them.

This blog is in no way discouraging reunions, as I strongly believe searching and reunion is a normal and healthy desire.  All people, adopted or not, have a general curiosity about where they came from and in some cases, to want to know the people who brought them into the world, in addition to knowing their siblings and extended family.

Many adoptees are getting information handed to them via opening of original birth certificates in some states or through generous and talented search angels in addition to …

Raise Your Hand if You are Adopted

As I was sitting in church on Mother's Day, I was hoping for a great mom-parable or just something "light" and "happy" to celebrate this day -- a day where I actually wore high heals and a dress (rare!) to church.  Sitting next to my daughter in our pew without my husband as he was home getting the festivities ready for both of our mothers and me, I glanced over at my daughter.  I was  watching her draw a picture, and my attention was drawn to the pastor discussing how God brings us into His family --- that He "adopts" us.

I pay attention when I hear the word "adopt" as it is thrown around quite frequently in the legal field as new laws are adopted and occasionally at church used in the sense of God bringing us into the fold.  So I was completely taken aback when I heard these words from the pastor,

"If you are adopted, raise your hand."

My eyes quickly darted around the church at the congregation and I noticed a couple hands went…