Recommended Documentaries

Three Identical Strangers

An amazing reunion of identical triplets, separated at birth to three different families, begins to unearth an unimaginable twisted secret.

An Ohio Adoptee is Interviewed by Nightline's, Byron Pitts While Seeking Her Birth Mother:

Six Word Adoption Memoir Project:  Go here


Transracial adoptee and Lost Daughter, Angela Tucker, seeks her birth family while her husband and director, Bryan Tucker, films the journey (available on Netflix)

AKA Dan (a Korean Adoptee Story)

Dan chronicles his journey to the country of his birth and the love of two families.

This is an 8-part documentary.

We're Not Blood
Adopted at birth, filmmaker Jeff Togman doesn't know who he is -- literally.  But when Jeff's own children are born, it unleashes feelings of abandonment he never knew he had, and compels him to search for his biological parents.

For the Life of Me by Jean Strauss

One of my personal favorites and a life changing movie for me. Compelling, emotional, and a look at how adoption and secrets can affect people across their entire life spans.

Watch Trailer:

Little White Lie

A film about dual identity, race and family secrets. (available on Netflix)

An Adoptee Roared in Ohio:  The Betsie Norris Story by Jean Strauss

Adoption Network Cleveland Director's several decade journey to open Ohio adoptees' original birth certificates.

A Simple Piece of Paper

A documentary by Jean Strauss about the opening of adoptees' birth certificates in Illinois.

Father Unknown

The true story of a man's search for connection on a journey with the father he's never truly known.


Adopted from South Korea, raised on different continents & connected through social media, Samantha & Anais believe that they are twin sisters separated at birth. (available on Netflix)

The Dark Matter of Love
Adoptive parents learn that the reality of bonding with children who've grown up in institutions is more difficult than they ever imagined. (available on Netflix)

The Drop Box

South Korean pastor Jong-rak Lee, takes in orphans no one else wanted (available on Netflix)

Adopted:  The Movie

 a documentary by Barb Lee. Adopted reveals the grit rather than the glamor of transracial adoption.

Somewhere Between

a documentary film by Linda Goldstein Knowlton that examines what it is like to come-of-age as a trans-racial adoptee in today's America.

Somewhere Between

A Girl Like Her by Ann Fessler

A GIRL LIKE HER reveals the hidden history of over a million young women who became pregnant in the 1950s and 60s and were banished to maternity homes to give birth, surrender their children, and return home alone. They were told to keep their secret, move on and forget. But, does a woman forget her child?

Unwanted in America by Dan Rather (use Password:  danrather)

The shocking documentary that explores the rehoming of internationally adopted children. Turning "forever families" on it's head, parents turn to the internet to rehome the kids they no longer want.

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