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12 Reasons We Need to #Flip the Script for National Adoption Awareness Month

As part of the Lost Daughters bloggers, I wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on our Flip the Script campaign.

As Amanda Woolsten states in the video below:

"We are missing a bigger part of the picture -- that bigger part is adoptees who can tell everyone what living adoption is actually like.

We need to flip the script because right now adoption agencies, professionals, and adoptive parents are doing most of the talking. ..... Flip the Script says:

What if it was me?

What if it was us that got to do the talking?

and everyone just listened.  

What would we stand to gain if we did that?  I argue, we would gain alot."

1.  We are not children anymore, Rosita points out.

When you are in your 40's, it gets old when people keep referring to you as "an adopted child".  I am an adult and I can handle my affairs like adults do.  I deserve to have the same birth documents that everyone else has and to be able to contact birth family members like everybody else do…

Flip the Script @National Adoption Month

Some of my fellow Lost Daughters got together and talked about what we hope for the future of National Adoption Month.

It's time adoptees were listened to.

#Flip the Script