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The Reluctant Latina – How a DNA test can change who you used to think you were

The Grubbs As I logged into Family Tree DNA, one early spring evening to obtain my long-awaited results to an Autosomal DNA test, I immediately clicked into Population Finder to finally answer the question that had plagued me my whole life:   what is my ethnicity? I fully expected to confirm my Italian roots – an ethnicity I could identify with for many reasons.   One, my adoption paperwork stated that although my father was of Peruvian descent (something that never clicked in my brain the first time I read the paperwork) —his family was noted to be Italian-born.   That bit of info confirmed the opinion of what hundreds of strangers and friends over my lifetime already knew:   “you must be Italian.”     I had already confirmed my European heritage years prior through a paper trail and a reunion with my maternal birth family. Looking in the mirror my whole life, all I saw was a WASP. Population Finder disagreed.   As I sat staring at the computer screen which reveale