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A Look Back Over 2015

Can you believe it?  Another year is drawing to a close and like many of my friends and readers, I am looking back in amazement at 2015.  December in Ohio has been unusually warm and I have been loving it. (Not a fan of winter!).  My daughter received a bike for Christmas and was riding it around without a coat on Christmas Day! Today, this New Year's Eve, I want to focus on the changes in the adoption community I have witnessed in 2015 because truly, it has been a momentous year in that regard. March of 2015 was HUGE for adoptee rights when the state of Ohio opened up original birth certificates and adoption files to adopted adults who were born in the years 1964-1996. This new law finally righted a discriminatory three-tiered law withholding original birth certificates from some adoptees based on their years of birth. I was excited that the Dayton Daily News had front page coverage of the law change and other articles in major cities around Ohio were also writing about th

An Ohio Adoptee-Penned Christmas Letter