Introducing Lost Daughters Anthology

This has been a long time coming!

Today I am officially announcing the Lost Daughters Anthology:  Writing Adoption From a Place of Empowerment & Peace edited by Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston, Julie Stromberg, Karen Pickell and Jennifer Anastasi, published by CQT Media and Publishing, LGA.

This book is a compilation of the best of the best of the Lost Daughters blog -- 30 female adoptee writers who chose their best essays to be included in this book.

In my own essay, I describe what it feels like to experience genealogical bewilderment as it relates to ethnicity.

I have always looked Italian, Greek, Spanish, Mexican, South American and/or Persian or fill in here _____for the never-ending opinions about where I came from.  Growing up with English-looking parents always made people wonder.  But nobody wondered as much as me, growing up without any access to my background information.

The age-old question I was asked my whole life,

"How does it feel to be adopted?" is answered in my essay and the other amazing voices you can now purchase as an E-book.  Paperback will be forthcoming in the near future.

All profits from this book will be donated to charity.

To purchase the book, go here.

For more Lost Daughters essays, visit us at our website.


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