Dishing about our reunions, our birth father mysteries, books and more!

Pam Dixon Kroskie
Tuesday night, I was interviewed for my first podcast by Pam Kroskie, President of Indiana Adoptee Network.  In order to plan for the show, I had asked Pam what we would be talking about; however, she prefers to just go with whatever topics come up . . . .so I didn't plan for the talk other than having a copy of The Adoptee Survival Guide sitting next to me on the table. . .  .and the time flew by!

I first met Pam face-to-face last month during the inaugural adoption conference (go here for a post-conference update!).  It was a life changing event and I urge readers to consider going next year, April 20-21, 2018.

Join Pam and I as we discuss our reunions, secrets, our birth father searches, and how much we both love adoption books.

Thanks for listening!   Podcast Here


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